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6/12/06 12:03pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Title: Old flat, new flat.
Author: memoryhouse
Format: Ficlet, 236 words.
Rating: PG
Warning: pure fluff. 
Prompt: I took this from the March prompt of old flat.
Summary: A conversation.

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Breakfast Tray [Monday
6/12/06 5:26am]

Title: Breakfast Tray
Author: islablack
Format: short-fic
Rating: PG
Warning: unbeta’d
Prompt: picture; closet, breakfast in bed
Summary: Tonks wakes Remus up with breakfast.
AN: This time around I thought I’d connect all my prompts.
1 | 2

( I’d hate to have to repaint )
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6/7/06 12:52am]

[ mood | pleasant ]

Title: Suitai
Author: memoryhouse
Format: drabble/ficlet
Word Count: 438
Rating: PG for alcohol consumption.
Summary: Using the May prompt of the Japanese tavern. This takes place during OotP. Tonks’ secret is obvious. Suitai means intoxication. 

This is my first post to Kaleidoscopefur.  Hi everyone!

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meaning of home [Sunday
6/4/06 11:58am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Title: The meaning of home
Author: krumfan
Format: ficlet
Word Count: 442
Rating: PG
Summary: After HBP, what will our favorite Metamorphmagus and werewolf be doing? Setting up a home together, of course! Painting should be exciting, don’t you think?
Author’s Note: This story is so random. I really don’t have a set time for it. First posting ever at LJ!  I've had  this written for weeks, but I just learned how to post it today!
Disclaimer: Last time I looked in the mirror, I was a poor Belizean who can’t even afford to go to college. I don’t own any of this

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Decorating [Sunday
6/4/06 12:39am]

Title: Decorating
Author: islablack
Format: short-fic
Rating: G
Warning: unbeta’d
Prompt: picture, paint
Summary: Tonks and Remus go to paint their first house together.

know there are charmsCollapse )
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FIC UPDATE: Things I Have... [Monday
5/15/06 8:04am]

[Please excuse x-posting]

Chapter Nine of Things I Have But Could Have Done Without is live now at ff.net and at Simply Undeniable.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks
Warnings: Strong language, Sexual situations 
My author page at SU is here. If you get a 'no access' message when you try to link to the story, you need to go to the Simply Undeniable main page and register for Restricted Section access. It's worth it, there are a lot of great stories at this site, many of which you will recognize. It's also at www.fanfiction.net.

Thanks again to everyone who's been so responsive and encouraging. It's still amazing to me that others share my dreamy!Remus fantasies.
PS - If you are so inclined, I just posted another Remus/Tonks story at Simply Undeniable called Follow, which I wrote as a drabble for an LJ ficathon, but recently expanded to a longer oneshot. It's PG-13, and in no way related to Things I Have. My first attempt at Remus's POV. See what you think.
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New Chapter Up! [Thursday
3/23/06 8:30am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title: Things I Have But Could Have Done Without
Author: ModestyRabnott
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks
Warnings: Strong language, Sexual situations
Summary: "It's strange, I think, how it seems nostalgic thinking about it now. As if it’s already a part of The Past.

Follow Tonks as she adjusts to her new station as a member of the Order, and the changes that it brings to many areas of her life. 

Thanks so much for the overwhelming response so far, especially to the folks over at rt_moonlighting for featuring the fic and introducing so many new readers to it. I'm glad you're all enjoying reading it as much as I am loving writing it!

Chapter Six is now up at Fiction Alley

Read It Here

Let me know what you think so far. Cheers!

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Reflections [Wednesday
3/22/06 1:31pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Be gentle - I've had a crap day, and I just decided I was going to sit down and write something.  This is what came of that. It is completely unbeta'd.

Title: Reflections
Author: ohginnyfan

Format: Ficlet (WC: 434)

Prompt: “Wicked Game” Chris Isaak
Summary: Remus Lupin reflects on his feelings for a certain pink-haired Auror.



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Goodbye... [Tuesday
3/21/06 11:37pm]

Title: Goodbye
Author: LupinLovesTonks / irishlullaby
Format: short ficlet
Rating: G
Warning: slight angst. unedited
Prompt: (pic) Leaving
Summary: It wasn’t so easy to say good bye to one of the only people willing to love him.

OMG a slightly angsty one...Collapse )
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3/21/06 10:58pm]

Title: First Dance
Author: LupinLovesTonks / irishlullaby
Format: short ficlet
Rating: G
Warning: fluffiness, unedited
Prompt: (pic) dance
Summary: So many rough spots between the two of them had led to this moment.

Help! I'm writing fluff and I can't stop!!Collapse )
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Healing [Tuesday
3/21/06 3:28pm]

Title: Healing
Author: islablack
Format: short-fic (348)
Rating: PG
Warning: angsty, unbeta'd
Prompt: picture, drunk; “Scientist” by Cold Play
Summary: Remus wants to apologize, but he finds he has to comfort first.

A dishonor to the Marauder nameCollapse )
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Putting The Dog to Bed [Friday
3/17/06 4:24pm]

Title:Putting the Dog to Bed http://ozma-katiebell.livejournal.com/2006/03/17/
Author: ozma_katiebell
Rating: R (for innuendo)
Warning: None
Prompt:Pictures: Drunk, striped socks, hiding, piano
Summary: Tonks puts her foot in her mouth and Remus feels the need to set the record 'straight.' (Bad pun intended)
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3/17/06 6:10pm]

Title:Night Terror
Author: freakinwinky
Prompt:Building a Mystery (Sarah Mcglaughlin)
Format: Short fic
Summarry: Remus has a bit of a problem with nightmares, one night, Tonks decides to do something about it.
Warnings: None, (Unless you count a bit of screaming)
Author's Note: The idea for this, (and the idea of night terror in general), actually came, rather unbeleivably from a comedy called "The Wedding Crashers". I'm actually rather pleased with the way it came out. Anyway, hope you enjoy! (And I will write humor and/or fluff soon. I promise).

She was afraid that, no matter how many times she stayed over, she would never get used to itCollapse )
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A Step into the Wild Side [Friday
3/17/06 2:04pm]

Title: A Step into the Wild Side
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Format: short ficlet
Rating: G
Warning: fluff. unedited
Prompt: (pic) stripped socks
Summary: Tonks discovers where Remus hides his wild side.

A Step into the Wild Side
Remus was laid back reading one of his father’s old books again, his feet propped up...Collapse )
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Happy Anniversary, Birthday!! [Friday
3/17/06 1:36pm]

Title: Happy Anniversary, Birthday!!
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Format: short ficlet
Rating: G
Warning: fluff. unedited
Prompt: (pic) sleeping
Summary: It’s mum and dad’s anniversary, not to mention dad’s birthday. The kids give them something they’ll never forget.
AN: Lyra and Phoenix are constellations, so I was keeping to the old Black tradition with the naming of the little girl.

She tiptoed quietly into her mum and dad’s bedroom...Collapse )
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Sweet Melody [Friday
3/17/06 12:19am]

Title: Sweet Melody
Author: LupinLovesTonks / irishlullaby
Format: short ficlet
Rating: G
Warning: fluff. unedited
Prompt: (pic) Piano
Summary: They made such lovely music together. Set after the ficlet “Hurt”.

Sweet Melody

Yeah, she liked to play with it at times...Collapse )
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Meiji [Thursday
3/16/06 5:18pm]

Title: Meiji
Author: islablack
Format: short-fic
Rating: PG
Warning: a bit of swearing, nothing more
Prompt: Picture, Bliss
Summary: Tonks takes something that Remus is not happy about losing.
AN: The title comes from the chocolate that Remus had.

I’ll leave you two at it thenCollapse )
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